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DataBook turns data into a personal matter

DataBook is a multi database & multi systems* data browser. Much like an internet browser lets you access every piece of information on the world wide web, DataBook enables you to explore every data stored in your Information System AND to mix them in brand new ways unique to your professional needs. Most importantly, DataBook does this regardless of the technological conditions in which your data is stored !  

New version 2.0.2 available !


Do not resign to a complex technological architecture that makes it difficult to access, view, mix and use your data. Transform your organisation's data history into a financial asset by shining a light on dusty and abandonned data with a  technology that revolutionise data accessibility. With DataBook every data stakeholder can explore the database just the way he or she needs.                                                                            

*Multi RDBMS

Our animated video guides you through the essential functions and possibilities of our data virtualization tool


DataBook bridges the knowledge gap between data stakeholders

In a world of exponantial growth of data, too many organisations still manage their data the old-fashioned way. The result is cumbersome and often too complex to truly enable all stakeholders to use the data. The Rever team realised that its technology and know-how in engineering and reverse engineering of databases could vastly simplify and improve the common procedures in place in every organisation. DataBook is :


For all data stakeholders

For all data stakeholders

DataBook was designed to help IT & business professionals take ownership of the data. Whether you have one foot in the business world and another in the IT world (Chief Data Officers, Chief Analysts, Chief Knowledge Officers, Data Stewards, Data Analysts, Chief Innovation Officers), whether you have no level of IT proficiency (you have no idea how to write a SQL query), or whether you are highly proficient in database systems management, DataBook can and will make your life easier.



Because DataBook was designed for a wide variety of users and business point-of-views, Rever.eu made sure that dashboards and reports could be intuitively used and modified. As a result, DataBook is highly convivial and should reduce non-IT users's reliance on the IT department.




Scalable & model-driven

Scalable & model-driven

DataBook is a scalable & model-driven platform that will grow with your organisation.

DataBook runs the necessary checks and warns the user of any change within the database. DataBook also automaticly adapts projects to reflect database evolutions.


On-the-go & cloud ready

On-the-go & cloud ready

No matter how or where the data is stored, with an internet connexion you access your data in a completely secured web application.

Launch it on your PC, then connect your smartphone or tablet, and explore the data or its structure during a meeting...

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Ready to use & free-of-charge

DataBook will be downloaded "ready-to-use" and will make no change to your system. No other product is prerequired. Our zero-installation motto means that the install program will simply unzip a folder in a directory of your choice.

DataBook is free in its "Basic" version. It's not a trial version accessible only for a short time, but a complete product designed to accompany you in your day-to-day business activities for years to come. After your first 14 days of use, you will simply have to register in order to continue to use all free optionsSome options will be available for a fee after your period of trial :
1. custom views
2. link search

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Access, view, mix & use data YOUR WAY


DataBook enables authorised users to create personalised « views» within an intuitive and secure webplatform. The user creates those « views » by mixing and remixing data however he or she wishes, according to his or her personal needs. Technological aspects are no longer a concern. Your data is spread over multiple databases, multiple systems or multiple networks ? With DataBook, this is not a problem anymore !

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SLIDESHOW of DataBook Functionalities

  • Access your data with DataBook
  • User views with Databook
  • View your data with Databook
  • Hidden links between data with Databook
  • SQL queries manager with Databook
  • Search and find data with Databook
  • Links between data with Databook
  • Customised links with Databook
  • Multiple databases with Databook
  • Renaming with Databook
  • Controled editing with Databook
  • Data access layer generator with Databook
  • Meta-data comparator with Databook
  • Data quality evaluation with Databook
  • Data structures with Databook
  • Data glossary with Databook
  • Data dictionary with Databook
  • Data export with Databook